Center for Wound Healing

There’s no longer any reason to live with an open sore.

The Center for Wound Healing at Knox Community Hospital offers specialized outpatient care for patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. These wounds have often been present for several weeks and show little or no sign of improvement with standard treatment. Underlying causes of these wounds can be diabetes, circulatory disease, or radiation burns, among other things.

Our specialized care is covered by most insurance plans and Medicare; physician referral is not required.

Specialists working together for you.

Our Center is staffed with a unique team of doctors and nurses, all dedicated to healing chronic wounds. We have all the latest techniques and technologies, including hyperbaric oxygen chambers, to treat your hard-to-heal wounds. We are expert at caring for people whose open sores have resisted traditional treatment.

At the Center for Wound Healing, you will receive the right treatment to heal your wound.

The following services are available:

  • Debridement (removal of dead or damaged tissue)
  • Specially chosen dressings and wraps
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Bio-engineered tissue substitutes
  • Platelet growth technologies