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Let us help you find peace of mind by getting guidance on your medical questions and concerns.

Call the KCH free Nurse Help Line at 740.393.9033. We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week because when you have a health question, you want answers now.

Talking to a nurse is peace of mind, anytime.

Staffed by experienced nurses and care coordinators. Available 24/7/365.

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Have a question to ask a nurse? Here’s how it works!

Call 740.393.9033, whether during the day, at night, or anytime between.

Don't Delay Your Care.

Patients who delay care until their symptoms have become severe, may make it more challenging for them to find the healing and outcomes they desire.

According to a Medical Care Delay Study released in March 2021, more than half (54%) of all patients in the US either delayed health care or had it postponed. More than half of those who waited to seek care said that their condition worsened due to the delay.

At Knox Community Hospital, we care about our patient's outcomes and satisfaction, which is why we've invested in a new Nurse Help Line service for our community. We want to help people navigate care so that putting off treatment and waiting too long isn't a part of our patient's care plan. 

Our community now has access to this care 24/7/365!

The Nurse Help Line utilizes a third-party service to provide registered nurses and care coordinators who use a telephone triage version of a medical checklist called Gold-Standard Schmidt Thompson Nursing Protocols. 

  • More than 96% of nurse triage call centers around the US use the Schmitt-Thompson protocols
  • Symptoms break down the protocols for pediatric and adult patients
  • Based on the most prevalent or worrisome presenting symptoms, the nurse selects the correct protocol
  • Once the nurse determines the appropriate protocol, the corresponding checklist leads them through a series of questions that assess the severity of the symptom that the patient is experiencing. 
  • The protocols are precise, efficient, to the point, and easy to use even in difficult situations where a caller may be in a tense emotional state
  • Triage protocols are also symptom-based, allowing nurses to triage any caller regardless of previous medical history or condition
Nurse Help Line Fast Facts:
What types of questions can I ask?

Once connected to the helpline, you can ask medical questions, discuss symptoms and concerns, and discuss options. You can ask a nurse questions about sprains, fevers, bee stings, blood pressure, pregnancy, stomach pain, diarrhea, and more.

Questions you’d like to ask a nurse:

  • Concussion – What are the signs of a concussion?
  • High Fever – How high is too high for a fever? Should I take my daughter to the ER or wait to see our provider tomorrow?
  • Stitches – How do I know if I need stitches? Should I go to express care?
  • Flu symptoms – Do my symptoms mean I have the flu or something else?
  • COVID Testing – Where should I get tested?
How do I figure out the best way to resolve my issue?

Our experienced nurses and care coordinators will help you determine your next steps. That might include scheduling an appointment with a doctor or seeking care in the Urgent Care Center or the Emergency Department.

Nurses Speak Your Language, Including Spanish

Nurses triage people following the medical checklist and develop a care plan customized to the patient's needs.

  • Recommend home care/self-care - Patients can care for themselves at home
  • Recommend to Primary Care – can even make the appointment with a provider over the phone
  • Refer/Recommend to ER or Urgent Care for evaluation/treatment 
  • Assist them in determining whether to drive to the ER or to call an ambulance 
  • Gives the ER a heads up that the patient is coming in 
  • Call EMS for them if determined necessary
Please call 740.393.9033 for support and guidance.