Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care

Placing your full-term healthy baby skin-to-skin on your body has been proven to be one of the best things a new mother can do! Kangaroo Care also known as skin-to-skin.

Skin-to-skin is a way of using mother’s body to help regulate the temperature, heart rate and respirations of the infant after birth; therefor making the transition easier on the baby. Other health benefits include improved weight gain, improved brain development, more successful breastfeeding immediately after birth, improved milk production as well as a reduction in postpartum bleeding and postpartum depression.

Safe Sleep

  • While it is safe for baby to sleep while performing kangaroo care, you should never fall asleep while holding your baby. 
  • When it is time for new parents to rest, cribs are utilized while rooming in to allow for safe newborn sleep.
  • Infant’s should be placed on their backs to sleep and their nose and mouth need to remain free from obstruction
Beneficial to Your Baby

Ease your baby’s transition from Delivery to a peaceful beginning with Kangaroo Care or Skin To Skin Care. Skin to Skin Care is encouraged for all deliveries the Knox Community Hospital Birthing Center. Whatever nutrition you have chosen for your baby, Skin to Skin Care will be the best choice of first choices you make as parents. Have your baby placed upright on mother’s bare chest for that first hour or two after birth or anytime in the first months of life.