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The library is located in the Knox Medical Pavilion.

The Community Health Resource Library is located in the Knox Medical Pavilion.
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Family Health History and Cancer
Learn your family’s health history and share it with your doctor.

Your family health history is a record of diseases and conditions that run in your family. Your family members may share genes, habits, and environments that can affect your risk of getting cancer.

What Information Do I Need?

Gather information about yourself and your—

  • Parents and grandparents.
  • Sisters and brothers.
  • Children.
  • Aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

Information should include—

  • Who had cancer and what kind?
  • How old were they when they were diagnosed?
  • Are they still living? If not, at what age did they die and what caused their death?

How Do I Collect Family Health History Information?

Take time to ask about your family history of cancer at family gatherings. Respectfully ask your relatives to help fill in the gaps and confirm what you remember. Also, look through any family records or obituaries.

You can enter your family health history into My Family Health Portrait, update it over time, and print it out to share with your doctor and relatives.