Diagnostic Imaging

Lung Cancer Screening Center
The American College of Radiology (ACR) designates this facility as a top-quality provider of safe, elective diagnostic imaging for individuals at high risk for lung cancer.

As an ACR-designated lung cancer screening center, this facility demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality screening care and patient safety.

Diagnostic Imaging
Need to schedule a CAT Scan, DEXA Bone Density Scan, X-ray, Mammogram, PET Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, or Nuclear Medicine Appointment?

Please call Central Scheduling.

740.392.TEST (8378)

Listen to Steve Hack, Diagnostic Imaging Director at KCH on this recent T100 (WCLT Radio) broadcast.


Diagnostic Imaging Patient Line


Release of Information

To release reports or copies of images, please contact Health Information Management.


Director of Diagnostic Imaging

Steve Hack


"Pattie was SO compassionate and explained everything well beyond what I had anticipated! Recently, she sensed my stress and made me feel so much better as she explained everythihng to me. KCH needs a dozen Patties!!"

- Dept. of Diagnostic Imaging

"Jamie was my tech for my recent MRI and she was wonderful! So kind and patient! So thankful for such a skilled tech!!

- Dept. of Diagnostic Imaging
Test Instructions

The following tests require special "pre" and "post" test instructions:

  • UGI or Small Bowel (stomach and gastrointestinal studies)
  • BCE OR BE (barium enema for examination of the colon)
  • IVP (examines the urinary tract, including the kidneys & bladder)
  • All CAT Scans
  • Ultrasound of the Gall Bladder or the Pelvis

If you have not received your "pre" and "post" test instructions from your physician, please call 740.393.9668 to receive the necessary instructions. A staff member is available in Diagnostic Imaging twenty-four hours a day.

Our Team

Our technologists are all licensed by the State of Ohio, and nationally as well, to ensure your tests are performed professionally. Our technologists are happy to perform any test ordered by your physician. Our support personnel will then work together to see that your physician receives your test results in a timely manner. You should contact your physician following your test to receive your test results.

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