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The Pharmacy at Knox Community Hospital is located on the hospital's third floor. It offers a wide range of pharmaceutical services like Meds2Beds and Home Infusion for patients and employees. Our pharmacy team is committed to the healing and care of our community.


The Pharmacy Department at Knox Community Hospital does more than fill prescriptions. KCH pharmacists are vital links across the full spectrum of patient care. They work closely with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to help you make the best use of medication in ways you may never see.

Robbi Jo Mitchell-Enderle, M.S., R.Ph.

Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy:

Phone: 740.393.9669
Fax: 740.399.3151

KCH Outpatient (Retail) Pharmacy:

Phone: 740.326.3485
Fax: 740.326.3486

Inpatient Pharmacy Team
Our pharmacy department is committed to making sure that you or your loved one receives the right drug, in the right dose, at the right time. 

Modern medications are increasingly complex and powerful. They have great healing power when used correctly. KCH pharmacists are drug-use experts who not only distribute medications but also oversee the consistency of medication use and guide patients and health professionals in the safest use of those medications to improve all medication-related care.

Our registered pharmacists are highly educated professionals with a minimum of five years of pharmacy education. The majority have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The director of pharmacy has completed a two-year residency in hospital pharmacy and has a Masters's degree. The pharmacists and technicians at Knox Community Hospital have many years of experience.

The pharmacy department oversees all aspects of medication use within the hospital. KCH pharmacists and technicians work under sterile conditions to prepare powerful and complex injectable medications such as those used for cancer treatment.

Our pharmacists advise physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on new drugs, effective therapies, and the selection and administration of specific medications. They perform critical computerized and other quality checks to detect and prevent harmful drug interactions, adverse reactions, and errors.

KCH pharmacists also counsel patients and their families in proper medication dosage and usage. They monitor patient responses to medications to ensure optimum therapeutic benefits and the best outcomes for every patient. Pharmacists and properly trained pharmacy technicians gather accurate medication histories that help physicians guide care. 

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