Ann Schnormeier Center for Birthing Care

Labor and Delivery Visitation Update - Effective Monday, 2/14/2022.
Support persons must be adults, age 18 or older.

Covid negative: 2 support persons 24/7 while in labor, then 1 support person 24/7 and 1 additional visitor during visiting hours. Both need to be the same people for the entire stay.

Covid positive: 1 Support person only (same person) Pediatric patients: 2 parents/guardians and may stay at the hospital for the duration of the stay

We Deliver Excellence in Our New Center for Birthing Care
Congratulations, you’re having a baby!

A time for joy, a time for sharing, and a time for togetherness. That's why we encourage an atmosphere of closeness by offering birthing suites and flexible visiting hours. Our mother and baby care allow you to get the most out of your birth experience and the first few hours as a (new) family.

Healthcare Collaboration

Knox Community Hospitals' new building, The Wright Family Medical Pavilion now proudly houses the Ann Schnormeier Center for Birthing Care, the OB/GYN practice as well as pediatrics. 

Blue Distinction Award

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Give Your Baby State-Of-The-Art Care
Plan your big day in an advanced birthing suite where you can labor, deliver and recover in the same spacious room.
pregnancy and mental health
National Maternal Mental Health Hotline: 1.833.943.5746

Staffed by licensed and credentialed perinatal mental health and healthcare providers, childbirth professionals, and certified peer specialists, the Hotline provides immediate and informed access to support, understanding, brief intervention, and resources to all pregnant, postpartum, and post-loss individuals AND their partners and families.

Call or text anytime to connect with a Hotline counselor for a confidential conversation, support, understanding, and resources. You do not need a diagnosis to reach out for help – we are here for you!

Novii Wireless Fetal Monitors

These monitors allow laboring moms to walk around while we continue to monitor their baby.

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Novii Fetal Monitor
Comfortable Rooms

Each suite offers plenty of comfortable space, including a family area designed to feel like home.

Patient Room
father and child
Paternity Establishment Program?

This program provides paternity establishment outreach, education, training, guidance, assessment, and technical assistance to birthing hospitals, local registrars, child support enforcement offices, courts, community partners, and unmarried parents. The program’s focus is to promote voluntary paternity establishment to ensure that children in Ohio have legally recognized fathers and the financial and emotional support that all children need and deserve. In Ohio, this program is operated by the Central Paternity Registry (CPR) within the Office of Child Support, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. 

Overview of Paternity Establishment

Paternity means legal fatherhood. Paternity establishment is how a biological father becomes the legal father of his child if he and the mother are not married. If you’re not married when your child is born, your child does not have a legal father. Paternity must be established before the father’s name can appear on the birth certificate. If the mother is married, the husband is presumed to be the father.

Paternity can be established any time before the child becomes 23 years old. Paternity can be determined even if the parent lives in another state or a foreign country.

This video you help you learn more about paternity establishment.

Ann Schnormeier Center for Birthing Care
Birthing Suite
Childbirth Classes

Call to register for classes

Birthing [at] KCH [dot] org
Lactation Services

Call to register for classes

Birthing [at] KCH [dot] org
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KCH Is A Safe Sleep Hospital

Did you know that the features of your baby’s sleep area can affect his/her risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death, such as suffocation? Reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death by creating a safe sleep environment for your baby.

Birthing Center
Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates issued by KCH are provided as a memento to the parents to have a record of their child's first prints. They are not considered an official birth certificate. To obtain a certified (legally binding) birth certificate, please contact the Knox County Health Department via the link below.