Your Role

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Patient Involvement

Tell your healthcare provider about your pain and health history. Be sure to:

  • Mention all the medications you take. This includes any you buy over the counter. Mention any herbs, teas, or vitamins you take, too.
  • Mention any pain relief techniques you use, such as massage or meditation.
  • Measure pain as directed.
  • Follow your treatment plan.

Tell your healthcare provider how well treatment works. As pain is reduced, you’ll feel better. Less pain means less stress on your body and mind.

The Center for Pain Management offers the most advanced treatments in the management of pain. Many of these treatments are less invasive and very effective at getting patients back to a “normal” life.

Insurance Coverage

In many cases, pain management services are covered by insurance. Check with your insurance carrier before your appointment so you’ll know what’s covered. If your plan does not cover pain management services, you will be responsible for the charges.