Emergency Department

Knox Community Hospital Emergency Department

Knox Community Hospital's Emergency Department consists of a multidisciplinary healthcare team delivering competent and compassionate treatment to a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries ranging form non-urgent to emergent.

Interim Director of Emergency Department

Chris White BSN, RN, Forensic Nurse


Emergency Medicine Medical Director

Trent Timmons, DO

Our Location
Optimum Care for All

Approximately 27,500 patients visit our Emergency Department annually and our goal is to deliver optimum care for all. We strive to provide compassion, empathy, and support for our patients and their families. Our team includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Patient Care Assistants, and Unit Secretaries. Our nurses have advanced training in cardiac care, pediatric care, and trauma care, and a majority has advanced training in neonatal care.  Although this is a diverse team, they remain "In the Community. For the Community."


Trent Timmons, DO
Emergency Medicine