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We ask that patients and/or visitors utilize either our mailing address and the main switchboard number listed below when calling to have concerns addressed.

A listing of departments and contacts are below for your convenience, these are also listed at the bottom of each Care and Resource page. 

Knox Community Hospital
1330 Coshocton Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

If you need to contact one of our physician offices or central registration to reschedule an appointment or procedure please use the phone listing below as a resource.

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Main Line(switchboard): 740.393.9000

KCH Provider Call Center: 740.399.3700

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Departments Contact(s) Phone Number
Administrative/Executive Team Christine Dalton 740.393.9601
Speech and Audiology Deb Romas 740.393.9088
Ann Schnormeier Center for Birthing Care Megan Smith, BSN, RN, Director 740.393.9734
  Childbirth Education Classes Darcel Jones, RN, IBCLC C-EFM 740.393.9730
Business Development Andrea Caudill 740.399.3834
Provider Call Center   740.399.3700
Cardiovascular Services Steve Hack 740.393.9937
Case Management Claudia Pido 740.393.9850
Center for Cancer Care Diana Endsley 740.393.5578
  Breast Health Navigator Kelli Downey 740.393.5579
  Patient Navigator Bobbi Mickley 740.393.5558
Center for Pain Management Office Number 740.393.9866
Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness Debbie Link 740.393.9670
Center for Wound Healing Office Number 740.393.4325
Compliance Kathy Swihart 740.393.9799
Department of Primary Care Christine Ingram 740.393.5539
Department of Specialty Care Christine Ingram 740.393.5539
  Endocrinology Office Number 740.399.3890
  General Surgery Office Number 740.393.9024
  ​    Knox Medical Center Office Office Number 740.397.2155
  ​    Knox Medical Pavilion Office Office Number 740.393.9175
  Orthpaedics/Sports Medicine    
  ​    Knox Medical Pavilion Office Office Number 740.393.9898
  ​   Yauger Road Office Office Number 740.393.2226
  Otolaryngology Office Number 740.397.0700
  Pulmonology Office Number 740.399.3814
  Sleep Medicine Office Number 740.393.9915
  Urology Office Number 740.393.5540
Diabetes Education Kathy Coon 740.393.9823
Diagnostic Imaging Ann Styer 740.393.9043
Organizational Development Lisa Bragg 740.393.9643
Emergency Department Amy Lanuzza 740.393.9906
Fiscal Services Danielle O'Brien, VP of Finance 740.393.9138
  Accounts Payable Clerk Cheryl Thomas 740.393.9080
Food & Nutrition Services Parker Reynolds 740.393.9641
Jeff Scott  Marketing/Development 740.393.9085
Lori Wilkes Development Coordinator 740.393.9602
Health Information Management Medical Records 740.393.9051
Heartburn Treatment Center Office Number 740.393.9735
Hospitalists Judy Weigand 740.393.9760
Human Resources Lisa Bragg, VP of Human Resources 740.393.9643
Intensive Care Unit Cassy Butts 740.393.9102
Laboratory Deena Rager 740.393.9654
Marketing/Development Lisa Bragg 740.393.9643
Medical Unit   740.393.9975
Mid-Ohio Corporate Care - For a service appointment call: 888.977.3319
  Brittany Murphy (WellnessWorks) Corporate Health Consultant 740.393.6552
  Director 740.393.WORK
New Vision - Medical Stabilization Office Number 740.399.3893
Perioperative Services Deborah Shobe 740.393.9703
Palliative Care Office Number 740.393.9821
Patient Access   740.392.TEST
Patient Advocate Kathy Wade 740.393.9890
Patient Financial Services Miranda Bevington 740.399.3727
  Provider Based Billing Miranda Bevington 740.399.3727
  Billing Patient Advocate Hattie Puckett 740.326.3362
Pharmacy Robbi Jo Mitchell-Enderle 740.393.9669
Quality Sandy Kollar, VP of Quality/Performance Improvement 740.393.9103
Respiratory Care Services Larry Hamon 740.393.9689
Sleep Medicine Office Number 740.393.9915
Specialty Clinics Erin Craw 740.399.3867
Supply Chain Services Office Number 740.393.9665
Surgical Unit Karen Sloboda 740.393.6569
Urgent Care Center   740.393.9111
Volunteers Cathy Windsor 740.393.9079