Matters of the Heart

Your Local Heart Authority

Education is a vital part of cardiac rehabilitation. you will continuously receive education information that will assist you in developing and maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle. Through the Matters of the Heart education forums, our cardiac rehab team of experts share information that will help you make positive lifestyle changes. You will be provided with valuable information on diet, heart disease, stress, exercise and medications that are tailored to help you reduce your risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In addition, you, your family members and others close to you can participate in our education forums with you.

You are Part of the Team

Our cardiac rehab professionals will encourage and guide you toward recovery and resumption of a healthier, more productive life. But this also requires commitment and discipline on your part. Once you receive a referral from your family physician or cardiologist for cardiac rehabilitation, please call us at 740.393.9695. In some cases, our nurse may contact you first.

For more information about cardiac rehabilitation or any other services provided by Cardiovascular Services at Knox Community Hospital, please call 740.393.9695.

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