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Please stop by one of our Knox County locations or one of our nutrition events (free and open to the public) to learn more about physical activity, nutrition, and wellness with Connections Fitness.

Mount Vernon Workshops Events (Call 740.393.9875 for info.)
10/4 & 8 at 6 pm Deep Water Running Deep water running is an excellent alternative to running on land for those who are injured and offers incredible fitness benefits for non-injured runners too. Join Jason Mentzer, Exercise Physiologist for this demonstration to see how this form of exercise is low impact but high intensity. (Must be comfortable in the deep end of the pool.)
4th Thurs of each month / 5-6 pm Nutrition Talks Join Janelle Noe for these monthly nutrition talks and gain insight into a wide array of nutrition topics throughout the year.
10/5 & 9 at 9:15 am Deep Water Running
10/2 & 6 at 5:30 pm Training with Free Weights Training with free weights has many benefits. Along with targeting main muscle groups, free weights also require the use of surrounding muscles for stabilizing the movement. They also help with functionality in training every day movements, such as sitting, standing, lifting objects overhead, and picking them up off the floor. Join Cassie to learn how including free weights can benefit you.
10/5 & 9 at 8:30 am Training with Free Weights
10/3 & 7 at 9:15 am Daily Living Exercises Daily Living Exercises is a low intensity workshop that will help improve balance, increase muscle strength and prevent falls by using everyday items around the house. This will also help with flexibility, coordination and motor skills. Join Tory to learn how working out at home can benefit your health.
10/4 & 8 at 5:15 pm Daily Living Exercises
September 27 6-7 pm Mindful Eating Learn how to adapt practices of mindful eating to help improve your eating habits and create a healthy relationship with food. Open to the public. Call 740.25.1803 to reserve a spot today!
October 2 M & W: 6-6:45 pm Sweatin Reps HIIT Class This class will help improve your cardiovascular stamina, muscular strength and core all at the same time. This high intensity interval class will make you sweat and burn calories! Suitable for all fitness levels.
October 25 6-7 pm Address Blood Sugar Management This talk will discuss prevention, prognosis and possible reversal of a diagnosis. Gain tips and helpful hints to manage your blod sugar and the role it plays in your daily life. Open the public. Call 740.625.1803 to reserve your seat toay.
November 29 6-7 pm Holiday Eating Learn how to navigate your way through the holidays and make smart food and beverage choices. Open to the public. Please call 740.625.1803 to reserve your spot.
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For information on any of the classes listed on our site please contact call:

740.393.9875 (Mount Vernon)


740.625.1803 (Centerburg)