Medical Weight Management Pathway

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Your Medical Weight Management Pathway will include:

  • A personalized treatment plan
  • Office visits with a nurse practitioner to set up and support weight loss goals
  • Innovative options for the management of obesity, including medication designed to address individual needs for weight loss
  • Feedback and support from a dietitian
  • The benefit of a support group with enhanced interaction with our staff
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The Healthy Habits Program

This program provides added support to your weight loss goals. It includes an assessment and follow-up appointment with a Wellness Coach and an assessment with personal training from one of our Exercise Physiologists.

The Wellness Coach will help you create your own vision of your weight loss journey so that you can achieve positive and lasting changes to your health.

The Exercise Physiologist will review your medical and exercise history and assist you in the creation of an individualized work-out plan. They will pay close attention to your personal fitness needs in order to optimize the time spent working-out.

Your pathway choice can be changed at any point during your journey.

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