Diabetes Education

Diabetes and Your Health

Diabetes and Your Health

Living with Diabetes

Do you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes? Our Diabetes Self-Management Education program can provide education and support that can help you manage this disease. The “Living with Diabetes Program” is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators and is taught by a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian, both of whom are Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES). Our team will help you learn how to eat healthily, be physically active, monitor blood sugar levels, take medication, problem solve, reduce risks for other health conditions and cope with the emotional side of diabetes.  

Benefits of our Accredited Diabetes Care and Self-Management Program:

  • Gain an overall understanding of Diabetes Care and Self-Management.
  • Learn to eat healthier, manage your medications, and monitor your blood sugar.
  • Gain tools to set achievable weight loss goals.
  • Learn ways to increase activity levels, understand diabetes, the ability to give yourself injections, and increase your ability to handle complications (vision and mobility issues, low energy, painful hands/feet).
  • Learn to manage stress and emotions that can impact your diabetes.
How the program works 

You will first meet with a member of our team to complete a health assessment and establish an individualized education plan. Our Living with Diabetes Program consists of a 3 hour “core class” followed by four interactive conversation map sessions that are selected by you. Our goal is to provide you with the information and support needed to manage your diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management Programs are shown to:

  • Lower A1c levels
  • Prevent or reduce diabetes complications
  • Improve quality of life
  • Lower your medical expenses

To attend our Living with Diabetes Program, please request an referral from the medical provider that manages your diabetes.

Please call 740-393-9797 for additional questions or information.

Diabetes Care Team


The Living with Diabetes program is presented by Knox Community Hospital’s Diabetes Care Team which includes:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Dietitian

This program is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators Diabetes Education Accreditation Program.


...to provide quality and useful skills and information for all persons with diabetes who want to reduce their risk of developing disease-related complications and to be successful in obtaining control of their diabetes.

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