05 KEY FACTS ABOUT STROKE FACT #1: Stroke kills brain cells Stroke happens when a clot or rupture interrupts blood ­ow to the brain. Without oxygen-rich blood, brain cells die. FACT #2:  there are three types of stroke Ischemic caused by a clot, Hemorrhagic caused by a rupture and Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or "mini stroke" caused by a temporary blockage. FACT #3: About one in four stroke survivors is at risk for another. Fortunately, up to 80 percent of second clot-related strokes may be preventable. FACT #4:...

Knox Community Hospital is a 99-bed, Joint Commission-accredited, community hospital located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, approximately 40 miles northeast of Columbus.

Members of the Knox Community Hospital medical staff represent numerous specialties offering a wide range of clinically excellent services surprising for a community hospital. Our dedicated staff, along with a strong team of volunteers, is committed to providing personalized, high-quality care. 

Knox Community Hospital’s independent, not-for-profit status ensures that all remaining revenue after expenses is committed solely to improving patient services, technology and facilities for the health of the people of Knox County and surrounding areas.