Rooming In: Benefits for Your Baby

Rooming In: Benefits for Your Baby

Our spacious suites – encourage moms to keep their newborn in the same room with them during their stay. Rooming in provides an opportunity for families to bond with their new baby and become comfortable and confident in caring for them before returning home. 


Rooming in is a healthy choice for both mother and child, and can provide the following advantages:

  • Families witness first-hand how nurses and doctors care for their loved ones resulting in greater confidence in the care mother and baby receive
  • Families are provided the ability to learn what baby's cues are to help identify when they many be sleepy, stresses, in need of quite time or hungry
  • Families have more quality time with babies because the majority of their care takes place while they are together, which also reduces separation anxiety 
  • Earlier identification of early feeding cues which increase the success rate for breastfeeding 
  • Better sleep quality for both mother and baby. Less infant crying and distress as they love to be near their mother 
  • Less "baby blues" and postpartum depression
  • Increase opportunity for skin-to-skin contact
It is so vital to bond with your new baby in a family atmosphere, which is why at the Ann Schnormeier Center for Birthing Care, families are encouraged to embrace the practice of rooming in.