Sinus Conditions

Acute bacterial sinusitis is an infection of the sinus cavity caused by bacteria.

One of the most common health conditions in America, sinusitis can often be described as a cold or allergy attack that simply won’t go away. However, unlike a cold, bacterial sinusitis requires a physician’s diagnosis and treatment to address the infection and prevent complications. Frequent sinusitis or infections lasting several months may indicate a chronic sinusitis condition which may cause damage to your sinuses.

Dr. Helming and Dr. Hetrick can evaluate your specific condition and recommend the appropriate course of treatment which may include an oral or nasal spray, decongestants, and antibiotic therapy. Many people who suffer from frequent bouts of sinusitis also have nasal obstructions which cannot be corrected with medication alone. Our Otolaryngologists can offer some simple surgical options which can alleviate these recurring conditions.

If you are one of the 37 million Americans who suffer from sinusitis each year, do something about it. Contact our ENT specialists who can help you develop a plan of treatment that is right for you. 

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When should you consult an Otolaryngologist about your condition? If you suffer from 3 or more of these symptoms, ask your doctor about the possibility of sinusitis.

Symptoms Sinusitis Allergy Cold
Facial Pressure and/or Pain Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Duration of Illness 10 - 14+ days Varies Under 10 days
Nasal Discharge Whitish or Colored Clear, Watery, Thin Thick, Whitish or Thin
Fever Sometimes No Sometimes
Headache Often Sometimes Sometimes
Pain in Upper Teeth Sometimes No No
Bad Breath Sometimes No No
Coughing Sometimes Sometimes Yes
Nasal Congestion Yes Sometimes Yes
Sneezing No Sometimes Yes