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Robotic Surgery Mount Vernon Ohio

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Robotic Surgery Mount Vernon Ohio
Knox Community Hospital strives to keep up with innovative treatment options.

That's why we are so thrilled to include robotic-assisted surgery as a part of our treatment solutions. Many KCH providers have trained to use the da Vinci Xi surgical system to provide patients with reduced pain, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery. The Department of Specialty Care has currently trained the following provider clinics on Robotic Surgery.

  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Weight Management

Robotic surgery allows your surgeon to perform more precise and controlled minimally invasive surgery, with top-of-the-line surgical instruments that allow for a 3-D high-definition view of the treatment area. Minimally invasive surgery means smaller incisions leading to reduced blood loss, scarring, and risk of infection. Hence, patients have a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery time, and less pain medication use.

Is my surgeon still the one operating on me, or is the robot in control?
  • No need to be alarmed; your surgeon is in control during your entire procedure. The robot is merely following the surgeon's movements. Your surgeon orchestrates and performs all actions firsthand, similar to playing a (high-tech) video game.  Their hand movements are translated from the controller to the robot and act in tandem with each movement.
  • The robot is incapable of doing anything without the surgeon performing the control panel's correlating movements.
For a sneak peek at the precisions of this great new resource watch this video:
Can all surgery be performed robotically?
  • No, it not possible for all surgeries to be performed robotically.           
  • However, many laparoscopic surgeries can be done robotically. Robotic Surgical equipment is designed to assist with minimally invasive procedures. 
What surgeries can/are typically performed robotically?
  • Laparoscopic Procedures
  • Hernia Repairs
  • Bowel Surgeries
Talk with your provider to discuss whether robotic surgery is right for you.


Aevan McLaughlin, MD
General Surgery, Heartburn (GERD) Treatment, Robotic Surgery, Weight Management

Michael D. Heuman, MD, FACS
General Surgery, Heartburn (GERD) Treatment, Robotic Surgery

Tamara L Holzer, DO, FACOS, CPE
General Surgery, Heartburn (GERD) Treatment, Robotic Surgery