Pregnancy Care - Obstetrics

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Your Birth Story.
Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your sixth, every pregnancy and birth story is unique.

We understand that having a child is a deeply personal experience for you and your family. So, we work tirelessly to ensure that your birth experience is the one you want it to be. As your pregnancy progresses, you will learn about changes taking place in your body. You’ll receive advice on exercise and nutrition appropriate for that particular month. We’ll talk about the process of labor and delivery, and touch upon postpartum care, and much more—all to enhance your birth story.

So put your mind at ease—you and your baby will be well taken care of by our thoughtful and highly-qualified gynecologists and obstetricians.

Newborn monitoring system for infant security
Giving birth at KCH also gives you access to:

Our childbirth educators offer a wide variety of classes for expecting families, covering topics such as preparing for labor, breastfeeding, and administering infant CPR, as well as offering a unique course for soon-to-be older brothers and sisters. KCH will help you and your family prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the arrival of your new family member.