Center for Pain Management

Pain Relief... Right here, right now. 

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain; pain that affects their quality of life and even their ability to participate in normal daily activities. Our pain management physicians and clinical staff take a balanced and individualized approach to treating your pain.

Strong, Effective Relief for Acute and Chronic Pain

Center for Pain Management
Feeling So Much Better

"Love the Dr., he's very good. All of the people there were very nice to me and helpful. I am feeling so much better."

- Hortencia Malone, Patient

Department of Specialty Care
Center for Pain Management

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We Can Help

Talk to your physician or nurse about your discomfort and pain. A consultation is available as a service of Knox Community Hospital. We will believe your reports of pain, and provide you with effective pain management. Call your Primary Care Physician for a referral.

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