My Weight Loss Journey: Gerrilynne

"When asked to write about my experience, one of my first thoughts was that I am so sorry that I delayed my surgery for so long. Life is so so short, and in the blink of an eye, it can be gone."

"I lived my life my whole life...53 years FAT!!! I was a fat kid!! A fat kid in a skinny family. A family that was extremely unhappy with me being overweight. They didn’t like me. Was mean and cruel to me, my own family. My mother was skinny and tall and beautiful. People didn’t even believe she was my mother!!! This is quite painful, actually... deep down in my soul are buried painful childhood memories. I’m glad this is being brought to light and is a healing experience for me. Now you can take what you want to from my testimony.

I was working full-time at KCH in Surgery when we brought on the Bariatric Surgery Program. I had experience in Bariatric Surgery already, but I was sent to Florida for additional training. I immediately liked and clicked with Dr. McLaughlin. I instantly knew she would be a great addition to the General Surgery Team, and she was the one to head up the Bariatric program!!!!! I loved working with her. She is so compassionate. Loves her patients!!! She is a Great Surgeon and is on a mission to stamp out Obesity!!! I was so proud to work on her Surgical team, A team that radically changes people’s lives. I wanted that for ME!!!!  I decided to become one of her patients. I enlisted. I completely surrendered myself, my body, my mind to this program. I wanted to completely transform myself inside and out. On June 4th, 2019, Dr. McLaughlin changed me forever. I would also like to recognize Dr. Heuman as well. He scrubbed in to assist her with my case. I appreciate him as well, and he is also one terrific surgeon, whom I admire and respect with my whole heart.

Immediately my body started to respond metabolically. I was cured. Down, down, down the weight went. I am still adjusting. I still have a ways to go and then some plastic surgery to take off extra skin. I am happy as I can be. I love myself!!! I have confidence in myself I never had before. Ironically my mother never saw me skinny. She died the March before I had my surgery. I wonder how she would treat me now. Anyway... Love yourself!! First!! You matter!!! You are Enough!!! Do you want to change? Change! You CAN do it!! I feel like I can accomplish anything!!! Set yourself Free!!! With a little help from your friends at KCH!"