Department of Specialty Care



Dr. Goodman received her medical degree from The Ohio State University, where she also completed a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Endocrinology.

From an early age, Dr. Goodman desired to be a physician, and she chose the specialty of endocrinology because of multiple family members with diabetes.  Because she also has diabetes, it is her hope to enhance diabetes education offered to the community and to partner with her patients to help them live longer and healthier.

Dr. Goodman is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Endocrinology.

Our team offers comprehensive care for many types of endocrine disorders, including:

  • Diabetes
    • Types 1 and 2
    • Iatrogenic (not gestational)
  • Thyroid Conditions
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Nodules
    • Cancer
  •  Osteoporosis
  • Calcium disorders

Procedures performed in the provider based location:

Dr. Goodman can complete blood draws within the department.