Specialty Clinics

Specialty Clinics

Specialty Clinics

Providing Treatment Solutions

Our Specialty Clinics provide treatment solutions for a wide range of major and minor medical needs. Our physician specialists and highly trained nurses bring specialty care ranging from diabetes education to neurology right into our community, saving you long trips out of town to see such specialists. Visiting our clinics is much like visiting your physician's office, with the added benefit of having all hospital resources right under the same roof. If your physician has referred you to a specialist for diagnostic testing or for treatment, you will find the high quality care that you need in our specialty clinics.

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How We Can Serve You

Most of our patients come to us by referral from a primary care physician, and often your physician's office schedules your appointment for you. Follow-up visits will be scheduled by our staff and you will be able to come directly to our clinic area. If you would like to learn more about our Specialty Clinics, our services, and what steps you need to take to be seen, please call us at 740.393.9825.

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Many highly-skilled physicians are affiliated with our specialty clinics. Some live in our community, and some visit us regularly from other areas. Specialists who normally only practice in larger facilities provide outreach services to Knox Community Hospital. Over a dozen staff members work with our physicians; many of these are nurses with credentials or certifications in certain specialty areas. Our entire staff has a high level of training and experience — coupled with a high degree of genuine caring — that ensures the best treatment possible for you or your loved one.

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