Volunteen Standards

In order to maintain a positive image while serving as a Knox Community Hospital Teen Volunteer, you are required to adhere to the following standards of dress and behavior.

UNIFORM STANDARDS: Neat, clean and professional

  • Khacki slacks, full length, but no excess on the floor. No shorts, jeans, sweat suits or wind/warm up suits are permitted.
  • Uniform polo needs to be tucked in. If needed, a short or long sleeved WHITE t-shirt, without any writing, can be worn under the uniform shirt. Jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters are not permitted to be worn OVER the uniform shirt.
  • Your name tag is to be worn at all times and needs to be worn only on the collar area facing forward.
  • Comfortable tennis shoes with the laces tied - NO flip-flops are permitteed. No excessive jewelry including large or dangling earrings and a maximum of 2 piercing in ears.
  • For patient's health concerns, do not wear excess cologne or perfume including "Bath and Body Works" sprays...
  • Make-up should be natural looking and kept to a minimum.
  • Hair styles and color shoul dnot be elaborate or extreme.

BEHAVIOR STANDARDS: Appropriate, mature, professional

  • There is to be no food eaten anywhere other than the cafeteria and food is to be eaten only before or after your scheduled time.
  • Electronics are NOT to be used while volunteering (i.e.: Cell phones, iPods, text messaging, social media, mp3 players, laptops/tablets). If you need to call someone, we ask that you come to the Volunteer/Student Coordinator's office for permission to do so.
  • You are NOT permitted to use any hospital computers.