Case Management

Case Management is a proactive clinical system that coordinates the entire spectrum of a patient's care (illness, recovery and prevention), facilitating positive outcomes with timely and appropriate use of resources. Key components are an assessment of the patient's clinical and psychosocial needs, while assisting physicians in organizing services across disciplines to meet these needs.

We are dedicated to providing professional service for the welfare of the sick without discrimination. Our mission supports quality care and clinically effective outcomes by providing clinical case management, discharge planning and utilization review services for patients of all ages.

Discharge Assistance

Our goal is to assist you as you prepare to be discharged from our hospital. We provide information and guidance in dealing with an illness or treatment so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. We try to enhance your abilities to cope with the problems and stress that often accompanies illness and hospitalization. We will support you and your family while you are a patient at our hospital.

Through discharge planning, we can assist with community resources including extended care facility placement, home care, hospital equipment, transportation, finances, hospice, emergency home monitoring system, meals-on-wheels, home-maker services, vocational counseling and community support services. We have professionals to assist you and your family to cope with the stress that occurs with difficult medical diagnosis and treatment.

Family Liaison

Case Management is the liaison between you and your family members and the medical team, keeping the lines of communication open. A member of the Case Management department will ask inpatients early during their hospital stay if they have questions or concerns about their discharge plan. We try to provide a smooth transition from the hospital discharge to a supportive living situation.

The Case Management staff can assist you with the following:

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Insurance benefits
  • Disability application and other local and government options
  • Assist individuals in locating information from local community resources and support groups specifically related to healthcare issues
  • Answer questions about Advance Directives (Living Will and Durable Power-of-Attorney for Healthcare) and will assist in completion of these documents