Referrals and Requirements for Admission

Referrals and Requirements for Admission


Physicians, discharge planners, and medical care managers may all refer patients to the Acute Rehab Unit. Additionally, patients and their families may initiate a referral. If you believe a person may benefit from Acute Rehab services, please call us at 740.393.3220.

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Requirements for Admission

Before a patient is admitted, rehabilitation team members conduct a pre-admission screening to review the patient’s condition and medical record. Screenings are performed at no charge on-site or in the patient’s home. The screening will help determine if the patient is likely to benefit from an intensive hospital-based rehabilitation program. To qualify for admission, a patient is evaluated for:

  • The need for at least two skilled rehabilitation services (services include physical, occupational, or speech therapy)
  • Able to participate in at least three hours of therapy per day, five-6 days a week
  • Medically stable
  • Mentally alert enough to participate in rehabilitation
  • Expected to improve based on measurable program goals

Admission to Acute Rehab is by physician order. Physicians, following specific admissions criteria, may admit patients directly from acute care hospital settings, homes, or other facilities.

Insurance Coverage

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation care is covered under Medicare and by other insurance providers based on specific criteria for approved diagnoses. Therapy staff can help determine if a patient’s diagnosis meets coverage requirements based on functional status and physical ability. A representative from Knox Community Hospital can help to answer any questions about benefits and coverage prior to admission.

Learn More

Patients and their family members are encouraged to call to discuss therapy services or arrange a tour. For more information or questions about Acute Rehabilitation call 740.393.3220.