The Ultrasound Tech/Sonographer is responsible for performing diagnostic procedures in their area of responsibility (ultrasound).  The technologist is responsible for all functions necessary to complete the procedures, such as, assessing patient for age and condition specific care, identifying and performing the appropriate exam, and documenting all appropriate actions in a timely manner.   Communication and collaboration with all other healthcare team members is paramount.

Works closely with the surgeons, anesthesia providers, and registered nurses to assure the delivery of safe quality age specific care to patients throughout the perioperative period. Facilitates the surgeon in the performance of invasive, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures.  Functions in the role of scrub person.  Communicates and collaborates with other healthcare team members. Adheres to organizational policies and procedures; regulatory/ accrediting body requirements; and professional practice standards.

The Clinical Informatics Specialist is responsible for ensuring consistent use of clinical information technology in the patient care settings, inpatient or ambulatory and utilizing process analysis to implement and or optimize the adoption of workflow changes. The specialist is responsible for supporting end users in the features and functionalities of the clinical documentation systems and will work with the Hospital’s and Physician Clinics leadership to support the planned initiatives and goals.


A Senior Technologist performs and supervises technical procedures according to contemporary standards as described by regulatory and accrediting agencies. A Senior Technologist provides guidance, counseling and influence regarding technical aspects of all lab departments. Communicates to staff what duties need performed and when. Also works as a Medical Technologist and can be a Technical Consultant



Under the supervision of the Respiratory Care Services Medical Director and Department Director, the RCP is responsible for providing Respiratory Care Services within specific physician's orders, department policies, and procedures. Provides Respiratory Care Services as outlined in the Respiratory Care Scope of Services at Knox Community Hospital.


A MT/MLS performs laboratory tests to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Assists in the collection, processing, and analysis of tests ordered by a physician. Responsible for QC, calibration, and all instrument maintenance. Medical Technologists are able to recognize the interdependency of tests and have knowledge of physiological conditions affecting test results which are used by the physician to determine the presence, extent, and possibly the cause of disease.