Robotic Surgery

Urology / Robotic Surgery

Adam Clemens, MD, provides quality advanced surgical options through robotic surgeries. While the actual surgery is performed off campus, patients benefit from consistency in physician care, reduced wait times for referrals and the majority of pre and post-surgical care taking place close to home at KCH.

“The robotic surgical device is a minimally invasive tool that uses three-dimensional imaging and very small instruments, which are controlled by the surgeon. Smaller instruments allow for smaller incisions which result in less pain and faster healing times for patients.” – Adam Clemens, MD

Robotic prostatectomies are the most advanced surgical option available to treat prostate cancer. The precision of the robotic surgery allows for preservation of the vital nerves and arteries that control bladder and sexual function.

“Most robotic procedures take a few hours and require a one night stay in the hospital. Patients often return to work in less than two weeks[SJP2] .”  

– Adam Clemens, MD

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