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Below are some tips to keep you and your loved ones prepared in the event of an emergency.

  • Keep a list for yourself, spouse, children, parents, etc.
  • Emergencies happen unexpectedly – keep it with you at all times (purse, wallet, etc.)
  • You might be incapacitated (not able to speak or remember) – consider sharing your list with close family members or friends
  • Include drug name, dose, frequency and why you take it
  • Include vitamins and supplements
  • Share your list with every prescriber (urgent care, specialists, dentist, emergency room, paramedics, etc.)


  • Your provider may need to know what medications you're taking in order to make accurate decisions about your diagnosis and treatment.
    They may need to ask you: Did a medication cause your condition or is a medication disguising your condition?
  • In order to prevent drug interactions with new medications your provider will need a detailed list of all of the medications your taking, including those over the counter.
  • In the hospital, we need to ensure that you receive the same medications that you're taking at home. Missing a dose of a vital med could have a significant impact on your health.


Most patients have multiple providers (family physician, cardiologist, urgent care, emergency room, etc.) – most providers cannot see what others have prescribed – only you know what you really take

Please use this information to ensure that you and your family can prevent the risk of receiving a previously stopped medication or wrong dose but keeping a detailed list and sharing it with your provider.

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