The Hospitalist program was developed to meet the needs of primary care physicians in the community.

As more physicians join the program, hospitalized patients can rest assured that they are receiving the very best care during their stay. Across the country, a Hospital Medicine program is an important tool in the recruitment process for new physicians. As Knox Community Hospital seeks to find new physicians to server our community, we must offer the most up to date opportunities possible.

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Hospital medicine is the discipline concerned with the general medical care of hospitalized patients. The term “hospitalist” is relatively new, first used in 1996 to refer to physicians whose primary professional focus is hospital medicine. Simply, a Hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. Most Hospitalists are internal medicine physicians with a special interest and training in the care of acute illness that requires hospital care. Knox Community Hospital began a hospital medicine program, in the summer of 2008, to assist the primary care physicians on our staff. Allowing a Hospitalist to care for their inpatients enables them to spend more time in their offices. That may allow them to see more patients.


Your primary care physicians who choose to use the Hospitalist program will refer their patients to a Hospitalist when their care requires admission to the hospital. (This is similar to being referred to a surgeon for surgical care.) During your hospital stay, you will be seen by a Hospitalist. You will follow up with your regular doctor soon after discharge from the hospital. Hospitalists play the role of both admitting and attending physician and also consult with subspecialists when the need arises. Continuity of care and maintaining a good rapport with a patient's primary care provider is also part of their job.