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Wellness Coach Assessment

Wellness coaches help their clients realize their own personal vision that will make positive and lasting changes to their health. Included is a review of the past to identify methods that helped them to achieve success and methods that did not work; a discussion of life struggles that create barriers to success; identify behavioral strengths; builds trust with client to allow openness to deeper into barriers; create realistic manageable (SMART) goals (short & long term) and provides support for their journey.


Wellness Coach: Phone Calls

The coach guides clients though a process by developing healthy habits and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals.


Exercise Physiologist Assessment

Review of clients past medical and exercise history, assesses cardiorespiratory endurance, body composition (InBody) and circumference measurements


MedGem Basal Metabilic Rate

Measures the amount of oxygen the body consumes (VO2) and determines resting metabolic rate (RMR) in calories/ day.


InBody Body Composition Screen

The InBody test will provide each patient with vital statistics about their overall health and well being. The InBody570 calculates your weight, muscle mass, % of body fat, segmental analysis, water content and visceral fat.


Exercise Physiologist Personal Training

One on One, personalized training sessions focused on corrective exercises and helping clients to optimize the time spend exercising.


Wellness Center Memberships

Medical Model Fitness Center staffed by degree and Certified Exercises Physiologists. Provides a full service fitness center and a variety of exercise classes.


Weekly Weigh-Ins

INCLUDES: Weigh self on consistent scale


Support Group

INCLUDES: Learn tips &tricks to making lifestyle changes easier; Make new friends; Tips to help you stay motivated with access to social media and website resources.


Healthy Directions

A weight management program that provides support, education, accountability & guidance to aid in lifestyle changes that result in personal weight loss management.

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