Progressing Your Exercise Program

Progressing Your Exercise Program 


February 7 | 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Center for Rehabilitation & Wellness
Aerobics Room
1375 Yauger Road, Mount Vernon, OH

Presenters... Renae Warner, MS, ACSM, Exercise Physiologist

If your current exercise program is getting mundane, easy for you or you find yourself unable to reach your goals with your current exercise plan then you should attend this lecture.  Renae Warner, Exercise Physiologist, will talk about how to progress and advance your exercise routine.  Keep it fresh by adding new exercises to keep seeing results towards your health and fitness goals.  By attending this lecture you will learn how to incorporate additional exercises into your current routine to guide you to better success.

Register now by calling the Wellness staff at 740.393.9875.