Affordable Health Screening

Affordable Health Screening

Affordable Health Screening

Available to anyone- no doctor order needed

March 5,6

Beginning at 6:30 am
Main Laboratory- KCH
A completed Health Awareness Screening consent form is required

Eligibility: 18 years and older, the screening only needs to be completed once per year unless there are underlying medical issues that need more frequent monitoring ex- A1c quarterly for diabetics.

Knox Community Hospital will offer a blood profile for $45.00. Payment must be cash or check made payable to Knox Community Hospital and paid before blood is drawn.

The $45 profile will include:

  • Basic Metabolic Panel 
  • Complete Blood Count 
  • A1c and Lipid Panel

Testing available at an additional charge:

  • A1c $20.00
  • TSH Cascade $25.00
  • PSA $25.00
  • Testosterone $25.00
  • Lipid Panel (a 10-12 hour fast is recommended) $20.00
  • Hepatitis C antibody $30.00 
  • NOTE: KCH is mandated by the State to report all positive results to the Health Department
  • Vitamin D $35.00

A 10-12 hour fast is recommended for the profile and lipid testing.

Physician orders for additional testing will not be accepted at the screening. 
Results will be mailed to your address. 
It is your responsibility to share results with your provider.