Reopening of the Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness Fitness Center!

The Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness Medical Fitness Center is now open!

The Centerburg and Fredericktown Fitness Centers will remain closed at this time. Memberships from all locations will be honored at the Mount Vernon location during this time.

Classes Resuming. 

Only classes designed for those able to maintain a high level of intensity will resume at this time. Aquatics will be reserved for therapy only at this time, classes will not be resuming.

For example: HIIT/Tabata, Yoga Flow and Stretch will be resuming. Please our class schedule in the MindBody app.  We encourage you to schedule ahead to participate in the class. As additional classes resume, we will notify former members and invite the community to participate.

Where should I enter the fitness center? 

Please use the primary fitness center entrance when you arrive. The main entrance will be utilized for rehabilitation patients and massage clients only and the class entrance door will remain closed indefinitely.

What happens when I arrive? 

Your temperature will be taken, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be asked to leave and to consult your provider.

You will be asked a series of questions regarding your temperature history, any cough or shortness of breath, if you are feeling well today or have had close contact with anyone with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.  If you answer yes to these questions, please don’t come.

Please wear your own face covering to cover your mouth and nose while at the facility. KCH is following CDC recommendations regarding universal masking.

Do I have to wear a mask while exercising?

This will be at your discretion; we understand that oxygen saturation decreases while exerting your body and understand if you need to remove it during these times.

Hand Hygiene and Personal Safety. 

Please sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the facility and during the process of your workout after touching areas that may be touched more frequently. Sanitizer will be available for your convenience.

Please avoid touching your face, sneeze or cough into a tissue or the crook of your elbow then sanitize or wash your hands promptly. 

Physical Distancing. 

Please observe physical distancing of 6 feet with everyone in the facility. Avoid congregating into groups for conversations. 

Additional Information:

The current file system for members will not be in practice at this time. These items will be returned to you during your visit so that you can keep them in your possession. Please keep handy and bring with you during exercise sessions.

You will notice the equipment has been moved to accommodate the 6-foot physical distancing regulations. In some instances (ex. cardio equipment) only every other machine will be available for use.

You will be required to sanitize each piece of equipment before and after use. Exercise Physiologists will also be cleaning equipment and additional surfaces throughout the day to assure additional safety.

The number of members at each time will be limited due to these revisions to maintain physical distancing regulations. Each member is asked to spend no more than 1 hour per visit to enable greater opportunity for others. Additional information will be provided to you at your first visit.

We will continue to monitor the success of our re-opening and then move forward in resuming personal training, additional classes, and the Centerburg & Fredericktown Fitness Centers.  We will keep you informed as we open these additional services.  

We are so excited to see you! 

Thank-you for understanding and supporting our above efforts to help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of everyone.