Knox Community Hospital providers are making it easier to stay at home and see your doctor.

Many KCH providers have begun offering telemedicine options for their patients. Telemedicine is a scheduled medical consultation, over the phone or other teleconferencing service, between a patient and a physician or other provider. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require social distancing and limit unnecessary travel and gathering, this new telemedicine option is an excellent way to receive professional and personal healthcare without the risk of leaving one’s home.

The first telemedicine visits were rolled out last week as just one small part of the KCH response efforts to COVID-19. “One of the challenges during this time is trying to keep our patients and community safe while also recognizing that many people still need access to their provider for routine check-ups, prescriptions, and consultations about their health,” said Jeffrey Scott, Director of Marketing and Development at KCH. “We understand that our community still has health needs, apart from COVID-19, and telemedicine offers the opportunity to meet those needs safely for our patients.”

KCH provider offices have begun contacting some patients and offering this telemedicine option for certain types of visits. Patients can also schedule a telemedicine appointment, and should not neglect their own health needs nor assume that KCH providers are unavailable. Patients who may be interested in a telehealth visit should contact their provider office to find out if it is being offered at that location and to get more details.

Patients should consider telemedicine for routine visits, follow-up appointments, or for minor illnesses. Telemedicine is not for urgent or life-threatening situations; those patients should call 911 or go the Emergency Department.

Individuals who have medical questions about their health related to COVID-19 should call their provider office.