KCH Birthing Center Earns Recognition

Seventeen Ohio hospitals have earned recognition through the Ohio First Steps for Healthy Babies initiative, a voluntary breastfeeding designation program developed by OHA and the Ohio Department of Health to recognize maternity centers in Ohio for taking steps to promote, protect and support breastfeeding in their organization. Forty-four hospitals in the state are now recognized through the First Steps program. First Steps is part of OHA’s initiative to reduce infant mortality in Ohio. Research has shown breast milk is associated with a reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and an increase is several health outcomes for both mother and baby.

Through the program, hospitals earn one star for every two steps achieved in the “Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” as defined by the World Health Organization and Baby-Friendly USA.  Hospitals can earn a total of five starts as a part of this effort.  The initiative encourages maternity centers across the state to promote and support breastfeeding one step at a time along with the option to select which steps—some or all—to adopt.  This round, Knox Community Hospital was awarded two stars.  Hospitals will continue to earn additional stars for achieving new steps.