Beginning June 29, 2020 visitor restrictions for ASU (Outpatient Surgery) will be slightly lifted.

When arriving with a patient for surgery, current restrictions regarding a visitor or family member waiting in their car during the procedure will remain in place. The visitor will continue to receive a text message with updates and notification of the patient's location.

Once the patient has returned to the ASU post-surgery/procedure area, the visitor will be notified that they may enter the hospital and go directly to the ASU waiting area. Visitors may remain with the patient during the recovery period until discharge.

NOTE: Only ONE visitor per patient. REQUIREMENTS FOR VISITORS:

  • The visitor will be screened at the hospital entrance
  • The visitor must wear a mask or face covering. If it is not possible to wear a mask or covering due to health issues, a face shield must be worn. If either option is refused, the visitor will be asked to return to their vehicle and will not be permitted to enter.
  • Once called to join the patient, the visitor must report directly to the ASU (Outpatient Surgery Waiting Area) and remain in the patient's bay until discharge.

These guidelines do not apply to Pain Intervention patients. Their family/transport person will wait in the car as usual.