Posted 02/13/17
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Knox Community Hospital Auxiliary Announces 2017 Scholarship Opportunities Scholarships for 3rd...
Image 1 of Tai Chi class
Posted 01/25/17
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Tai Chi for HEALTH Tai Chi is a controlled exercise with slow, synchronized movements that are...
Are YOU lovin your heart?
Posted 01/11/17
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February is American Heart Month! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US and in...
(L-R) Kenny Finnell, Mason Leonard Finnell and Sarah Rauck.
Posted 01/03/17
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The 2017 KCH New Year Baby is a little boy! His name is Mason Leonard Finnell, he was born to...
KCH Emergency Department Waiting Area
Posted 12/30/16
Chest pain, uncontrollable bleeding, a chopped-off finger - those are all no-brainers. Go...
Posted 11/21/16
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Knox Community Hospital is pleased to announce it has recently earned the CNOR® Strong...
KCH Midwife - 740.397.2155
Posted 10/31/16
Welcome Amanda Poorman, MSN, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) to KCH! Have you heard the news?...
Kroger Grocery Tour - October 20
Posted 09/23/16
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GROCERY STORE TOURS Come take a tour of the grocery store with the Registered Dietitian. She...
Posted 09/22/16
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"Save the Pumpkins!" My Journey from Surgeon, to Patient, to Survivor: Lessons Learned Guest...