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Take a KCH Medical Minute

Below are recordings of KCH providers from the 93.7 radio broadcast - A Medical Minute. These recordings are a great way to learn more about the services available at Knox Community Hospital.

Home Infusion

Family Medicine

Laura Eichenlaub, APRN-CNP - Cancer Survivor Month

Dr. Husain Rasheed - Center for Cancer Care

Connections Fitness

Dr. Babbitt - Robotic and General Surgery

Jaime Goodman - Endocrinologist on Diabetes

Kelly Downey - Breast Health Navigator

Debbie Link - Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness and Connections Fitness

Dr. Aevan McLaughlin - Weight Mangement

Laura Eichenlaub, APRN-CNP - Center for Cancer Care

Dr. Tracy - Pain Management

Dr. Brent Nimeth - Family Medicine