My Weight Loss Journey: Danelle


“I Inspired Others to Get Healthy”

Here is my story...

"I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried multiple ways to lose weight. I would do great, and then I would hit a plateau and just give up. I begin to tell myself that I was just meant to be obese for the rest of my life and tried to love myself for the way I was. Then in 2019, my weight began to take its toll on my body. I was tired all the time, with no energy; I was diagnosed being diabetic, put on high blood pressure and cholesterol meds. But that was just the icing on the cake. In late 2019 I had tried to get on a train ride with my then 3-year-old son but was told I was over the weight limit. The look on my child's face was enough for me. I knew at that moment that I needed to make a change, and enough was enough. Early 2020 I attended the weight loss management seminar at KCH and knew that bariatric surgery was my saving grace. 

I had the gastric sleeve done in September 2020, and it has been the best decision of my life. Was it easy?.. No. Was it the easy way out? Absolutely not! I had to learn what healthy eating is; I had to learn to chew my food more thoroughly, take time to eat, break habits and give up food addictions. I had to push myself to work out. I am currently down 91lbs and still going. I have gone from wearing a 4x shirt and size 24 jeans to a size large shirt and size 16 jeans. I have so much more energy. I am off all those medications. I can play with my children on the playground. I am attending cardiac drumming class 3-4x a week, which by the way, I highly recommend. One of the most significant non-scale victories that I am so proud of is to hear others say that I have inspired them to start their weight loss journey. NEVER in a million years did I EVER think that I would INSPIRE others to get healthy. 

My journey has just begun, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store. I can't say thank you enough to the weight loss team, from Dr. McLaughlin and Amy Ferenbaugh to Natalie Brenneman, the dietician, and the team at the Wellness Center. You all are truly amazing! My family and friends deserve a big thank you too!!"