My Weight Loss Journey: Betsy

"I'm sure I am just like everyone else who is considering visiting the weight loss clinic... I have had weight problems "all my life!!!!"

"I've gained and lost and gained for as long as I can remember. I got picked on most of my childhood for being fat. As a child, you don't understand why or how you got that way.... it wasn't until high school that I actively tried losing weight, and I did, I didn't do it in a healthy way, but I did get "skinny".... it didn't last. Enter adulthood and every "fad" diet imaginable-with the same results.... weight up and down and UP. I reached my maximum weight about 2 years ago and was totally devastated and embarrassed as I stared at the scale. I made the decision to have a consultation at the bariatric clinic... I was anxious about the appointment but knew I needed help.

Let me tell you... NOT once did any of the weight loss team make me feel ashamed. 11 months after my consultation, I had the gastric sleeve. Was it easy, no.... was it the "easy way out?!? — NO. It is a journey with ups and downs, but the weight loss team is your biggest champion. To date, I have lost 85lbs, and I'm just now coming up to my 1-year 'surgiversary'... I still have more weight to lose, and you hit "stalls," but it's all part of your journey. My advice to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery at KCH—make the appointment... meet the team, it's life-changing, they only want you to win.... your success is their success. Hands down, Dr. Mclaughlin, Amy Ferenbaugh, Ashley Hanna, Natalie Brenneman, and their staff are nothing short of amazing, and I cannot thank them enough for my new life."