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COVID vaccine in Knox County

For an update regarding the COVID vaccine in Knox County please check out this podcast with Mayor Matt Starr, Julie Miller (Knox Public Health), and Dr. Barry George (KCH Cardiologist).

Discussion includes information regarding non-medical individuals, healthcare workers, and all citizens of Knox County, regarding the Covid vaccine.

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Stay Connected During a Hospital Stay
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, to protect you, your loved one, hospital staff, and the public, you will not be able to visit your loved one in the hospital.



The KCH NO VISITOR policy is in effect until further notice.

Limited exceptions include:

  • Special Circumstance: The clinical team has determined a visitor is required due to the patient’s emotional, spiritual, or physical safety status, or an in-person care coordination/decision meeting is required (e.g., an oncology patient/a cath lab patient). The clinical team would determine the frequency and duration. 
  • Caretaker: Visitor is/was acting as a CARETAKER for a patient that is: 
    • Confirmed by the clinical team that a caretaker is currently required to support patient care
    • Dependent on the caretaker prior to admission to receive assistance with activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, toileting, and communication
    • Disoriented (e.g., traumatic brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer’s, altered mental state)
    • Disabled (e.g., developmentally, hearing, autistic)
    • In need of an interpreter
  • Patients receiving end-of-life care
  • Patients who are receiving neonatal, pediatric, adolescent care: minor patients may have two parents or guardians visit. 
  • Maternity patients: Patients receiving maternity care are limited to one support person, who may stay at the hospital for the duration of the stay. If the mother is a minor, she may have a parent or guardian visitor and the other parent of the baby. 
    • Ultrasound office visit - one person will be allowed.

There will be no time limits on approved visitors. 
There will be no visitation restriction on members of the clergy and those with power of attorney.

Power of attorney applies only to a person who is making decisions for a patient who is unable to do so, based upon the physician’s evaluation of the patient’s cognitive abilities.

We've gathered some key information, resources, FAQS, and updates on this page to work to provide you and your family with as much insight and knowledge as possible.