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Pharmacy Director

Robbi Jo Mitchell-Enderle, M.S., R.Ph., CMAC

Provides 24-hour leadership and accountability for the clinical practice and operational functions for the pharmacy department (assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of safe, cost-effective pharmaceutical care).

Pharmacy Coordinator

KCH Pharmacists deliver quality and cost-effective drug therapy to patients. Supervises the distributive, clinical and administrative functions of the pharmacy, including the prompt and accurate reviewing, processing and checking of physician orders, patient medication profiles and completed prescriptions. Assists in providing accurate drug information promptly to health care professionals and patients. Provides leadership and oversight for daily department operations. Ensures quality of delivered pharmaceutical care by collaborating intra/inter- departmentally with staff, directors, administration, physicians and others. Participates in pharmaceutical care activities both directly and indirectly as a resource to staff members.


Provides quality pharmaceutical care in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Provides clinical support and distribution services in coordination with physicians, nursing staff and other health care team members in delivering quality and cost-effective drug therapy to patients.

Pharmacy Charge Technician

Performs as the primary Pyxis® system manager, responsible for system set-up and oversight of day-to-day operations. Ensures an adequate supply of quality drugs and supplies for the patients' proper courses of therapy. Maintains a drug inventory in the most economically efficient manner.

Pharmacy Technician

Assists the pharmacists in providing medications to patients and patient care areas in a safe, efficient and timely manner. Prepares intravenous admixtures, unit dose formulations and compounded medications using aseptic technique. Orders, receives and stocks the pharmacy medications in a timely and accurate manner. Monitors and maintains the clerical duties within the department.

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