Perioperative Services

The Knox Community Hospital Perioperative Services provides care for inpatients (those who already are in the hospital or those who are admitted the same day as their surgery and who will stay in the hospital) and outpatients (ambulatory surgery patients).

The vast majority of preoperative tests will be performed on an outpatient basis prior to admission. Typically, outpatient procedures are performed with local anesthesia. However, some procedures may be performed with general anesthesia. Procedures performed under local anesthesia are minor and patients are discharged after a brief observation period. Ambulatory surgery patients receiving general or regional anesthesia are recovered in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, then transferred to the Ambulatory Surgery Unit, and discharged the same day.

The Knox Community Hospital Perioperative Services is comprised of five departments which enables the surgical patient a comprehensive clinical experience. The departments include: Pre-Surgical Screening, Ambulatory Surgery Unit, Surgery Department, Post Anesthesia Care Unit and Central Sterile.