Otolaryngology (ENT)

Department of Specialty Care

Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology)

Our physicians are specially trained to treat medical conditions of the head and neck, ears, nose and throat. 

Knox Community Hospital offers the most comprehensive Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat) care in the area. Dr. Suzanne Helming and Dr. Christopher Hetrick specialize in the latest treatment procedures addressing all ENT conditions and have the experience necessary to provide just the right care for your needs.

The Department of Specialty Care, Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat) treat the following conditions:

  • Allergies testing and recurrent sinus infections
  • Botox/Juvaderm/Voluma
  • Earaches and infections
  • Hearing exams, hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • PROPEL™ — A Great Procedure for Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers!
  • Skin cancer of the neck and face
  • Salivary gland tumors 
  • Sleep apnea
  • Thyroid and parathyroid Issues
  • Tonsil issues
  • Tumors of the head and neck
  • Vertigo (dizziness)
  • Voice and swallowing problems 

Procedures performed in the provider based location:
Certain types of injuries and conditions require specialized treatment to ensure a full recovery. Surgical repair or other medical procedures are often necessary to restore an injured patient to their former quality of life.
Our team offers comprehensive care for many types of ear, nose and throat disorders, including:

  • Allergy testing and injections
  • Excision (tissue removal)
  • Nasal endoscopy
  • Hearing exams
  • Laryngeal stroboscopy
    A specialized viewing of vocal fold vibration involving controlled high-speed flashes of light timed to the frequency of your voice. Images acquired during these flashes provide a slow motion-like view of vocal fold vibration during sound production.
    Source: http://voicefoundation.org/health-science/voice-disorders/overview-of-di...
  • Transnasal esophagoscopy
    An ultrathin, flexible scope that is introduced transnasally, allowing esophagoscopy (a digital examination) to be performed without sedation.
    Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23177404

PROPEL™ — A Great Procedure for Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers!

A device which is placed in the sinus following surgery, PROPEL decreases scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as  oral steroids and their potential side effects.


Whether you are curious about eyelid rejuvenation, corrective nasal surgery, a face or neck lift, Botox® treatment, or facial fillers, our physicians can work with you to identify just the right techniques to make you look and feel your best.