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Patient Navigator Bobbi Mickley, RN

The Center for Cancer Care at Knox Community Hospital’s Patient Navigator: Bobbi Mickley, RN provides access to appropriate cancer care services. Bobbi’s focus is preventing/removing barriers for the patient and family throughout the process of cancer care.

Types of assistance available, but not limited to:

  • Expediting the scheduling of appointments
  • Providing cancer education
  • Providing community resources
  • Acting as a liaison to American Cancer Society Programs
  • Assisting with Social Services
  • Organizing support groups
  • Providing financial resources
  • Assisting with FMLA forms
  • Assisting with child care needs
  • Assisting transportation needs
  • Assisting with medication assistance programs

Persons that need assistance do not need to be an established patient with the Radiation or the Medical Oncology Departments. Support is provided even when only the suspicion of cancer is present.

There is no charge for patient navigation services. The service is provided to ensure the best possible outcome at any stage of cancer from suspicion to recovery.

You can reach Bobbi Monday through Friday at 740.393.5558 or 740.504.9355, her office is located in the Center for Cancer Care in the Knox Medical Pavilion. Self-referrals are encouraged and welcome.

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