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The Best Prevention,
Is Early Detection!

The goal of a Breast Health Navigator (BHN) is to provide guidance, support and to enhance access to breast care, diagnosis, treatment and education of breast related conditions. Breast Health Navigators act as a bridge between an inpatient setting and an outpatient setting in order to offer an enhanced patient-nurse relationship for those with a breast disease diagnosis.

The role of the BHN

Provide psychological and emotional support to the patient and family throughout the illness
Deliver education and teach self-care
Coach the patient to be an informed participant in her/his care
Coordinate care throughout the illness and recovery process

The BHN provides a helping, caring hand throughout the breast cancer experience as a consultant, coordinator, collaborator, educator and researcher. Information is provided by the BHN about breast disease (benign and malignant), treatment and side effects. Treatment options are provided by the physician. The BHN supports decisions made by the patient and physician and offers emotional, psychological and spiritual support for the patient and their family.

Our Breast Health Navigator:
Kelli Downey, BSN, RN

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