Ann Schnormeier Center for Birthing Care

The birth of a baby is a wondrous time... it's like no other time in a family's life.

A time for joy, a time for sharing, and a time for togetherness. Thats why we encourage an atmosphere of closeness by offering birthing suites and flexible visiting hours. Mother and baby bedside care helps you get the most out of your birth experience and the first few hours as a (new) family.

Our brand new spacious suites enable mothers and babies to remain in one room throughout labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum care. These suites offer a home-like setting with a sleeper sofa to accommodate overnight guests, such as tired new fathers. All the medical equipment is brought to you. You can relax knowing everything is centered around you and your baby.

Once your baby is in your arms and you are getting to know each other, you will be guided through the learning process of caring for a new baby by our family-focused nursing staff. Our nursing staff has a combined average of 300 years of experience in caring for you and your family.

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WIC Clinic Directory (see pg. 8)

Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates issued by KCH are provided as a memento to the parents to have a record of their child's first prints. They are not considered an official birth certificate.

To obtain a certified (legally binding) birth certificate please contact the Knox County Health Department or follow this link:

Application for Birth Certificate (Provided by the Knox County Health Department)

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