The Cost of Treating Obesity

The cost of treating obesity related diseases continues to be on the rise, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting that in 2008 the costs associated with treating obesity were estimated to be $147 billion dollars.

The effects of obesity affect emotional health as well. Obese individuals can suffer from depression and low self-esteem. They also report experiencing discrimination and stigmatization because of their weight. Obesity can also impact one’s social well-being making it difficult to interact with friends and loved one, such as not being able to play with children/grandchildren, not being able to find comfortable seating in restaurants, or not being able to walk long distances at places of entertainment.

Obesity is, unfortunately, a chronic and progressive disease. Weight gain is another contributor to weight gain – obesity ‘begets’ obesity – so unless matters are taken to treat this disease it will continue to worsen over time. Body fat is highly involved in hormonal and metabolic functions in the body, so as someone accumulates more body fat the less these hormonal and metabolic properties will function properly leading to…..more weight gain.

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