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Wearing a Face Covering: Myth Vs. Fact


Wearing a Face Covering: Myth Vs. Fact

Submitted by KCH on Fri, 11/20/2020 - 1:05pm
Wearing a Face Covering: Myth Vs. Fact (source: CDC)
MYTH: I don’t have COVID. I don’t need to wear a mask.

FACT: COVID can be spread by people who show no symptoms. Wearing a face covering in public can help reduce this kind of transmission.

MYTH: If I’m just running into the store for a quick trip, I don’t need to wear a mask.

FACT: Everyone over the age of 2 years old should wear a face covering when in public (especially when social distancing is difficult or impossible).

MYTH: I’ve already had COVID, so don’t need to wear anything anymore.

FACT: With infected with COVID-19, a face-covering helps keep the respiratory droplets that carry COVID-19 contained so they don’t spread to other people. It’s unclear how long any immunity protection may last, so all are encouraged to continue wearing a mask when out.

MYTH: Due to medical problems, I can’t wear a face mask so I’ll just risk it.

FACT: There are options that slow the spread of COVID for those unable to wear facemasks. The CDC website has guidance and alternatives.

How to Wear a Face Covering
  • Your face covering should cover both your nose and mouth.
  • It should fit snugly against the sides of your face, and should never be worn below the chin or on the forehead.
  • If your face covering is made of cloth, be sure to wash it after each use.
  • Need help making your own mask? Visit the CDC website for simple how-to directions.

Source: ©2020 American Hospital Association | July 2020