Third Quarter Daisy Award Winner!

Submitted by KCH on Mon, 12/12/2022 - 2:02pm
Lisa Sapp, LPN, Home Health

We are honored to present Lisa Sapp, LPN, from the Department of Home Health with the 3rd quarter Daisy Award!

She received three nominations from different patients, and the winning nomination was selected by the Shared Leadership team and read as follows:

“Lisa is so thorough and comforting. She has even called my doctor to report possible problems and checks with other nurses and OT/PT who work on my rehabilitation. Lisa once brought me a meal when I needed groceries and checked my cupboards and fridge. She once went to Rite Aide on a Friday after their delivery time and got the Rx that I needed to take; I would have waited all weekend to have it delivered otherwise. She cheers me up and hugs me when she leaves. Thank you!”